Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can be difficult to face, but you do not have to face it alone.  Conrad Kragness is an aggressive & experienced criminal defense attorney that has handled all types of criminal cases from misdemeanors up to serious felonies.  With countless satisfied clients, he makes it his mission to protect your legal rights, educate you on your legal options, and build the strongest defense possible.  Don't let your future be at risk.  

Practice Areas Include:

Felony • Gross Misdemeanor • Misdemeanor

Theft • Arson • Drug Crimes • Assault & Battery • Disorderly Conduct

Traffic Tickets • Gun Rights • Sex Crimes • Homicide • Burglary • White Collar

Harassment • Probation Violation • Property Damage • Obstructing Justice

Kidnapping • Violent Crimes • Juvenile Crimes

All Other Criminal Offenses


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